Professional drone services. 

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Industrial Drones

Exclusive UK agent for MMC drones, including the 1st commercially available Hydrogen fuel cell powered drone. Click on the image to view the range.

Aerial Agricultural Surveys

Farmers benefit from detailed aerial images indicating the health of the crops for precision agriculture.

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Tethered & Untethered Drone solutions

Specialists in providing advanced drone configurations to solve extraordinary aerial challenges.



We at uVue Drones understand that two of the most limiting factors within drone operations are payload and endurance.  We have addressed these important issues with several class-leading platforms that go far beyond the ‘off the shelf’ solutions available today.

uVue Drones is delighted to offer a choice of two ‘multicopter’ platforms, both of which are capable of carrying a 2kg payload for 50mins one being all-weather capable!

Our ‘tethered copter’ solution also boasts a 2kg lift capacity and can remain airborne for up to 12hours! This platform is perfectly suited to sporting events, whenever a high altitude POV or beauty shot is desirable from a static position.

Our latest addition is our unique Hydrogen fuel cell powered drone.  Fitted with a full 4K HD camera, it can remain airborne for approximately ninety minutes!

We can also offer a full HD broadcast ‘downlink’ transmission from the drones, upon request.

All these platforms far exceed the performance and endurance of most drone platforms currently available, thereby offering significantly more flexible and versatile solutions to many clients, including film, television and industrial/civil.

Our sister company Agrivue deals specifically with specialist Multi-spectral imagery, please click on any of the Agrivue logos for full details.




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